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At Gill, we have a selection of accessories with excellent UV protection for fishing, with our range featuring fishing hats with UV protection, as well as fishing gloves with UV protection.

Ideal for sunny days by the riverside or out on the water, UV protection fishing gear from Gill is all made to the highest standards. Find the best fishing UV protection at Gill and make a positive addition to your fishing kit today.

Being able to sit and enjoy the sun’s rays and the warmth that brings is one of life’s purest joys. Combining this with nature is a great way to spend a day, and fishing does exactly this.

For the year’s warmer months, there is a need to be mindful of the potential dangers of sun exposure while fishing. This means having the best fishing UV protection available to use is a major benefit, and something every person who enjoys fishing year-round should consider.

At Gill Fishing, we have a stack of excellent accessories with UV protection to help keep you safe in the summer.

Our range includes UV protection fishing gloves that not only protect against the sun, but also offer grip and comfort for every wearer. Take a look at our XPEL Tec Gloves for example, which are available in Shadow Camo and Glacier designs. These gloves have in built 50+ UV protection, feature a plant-based XPEL fabric treatment and a stain repellent finish. This means water rolls off the surface and makes wearing these gloves a real joy.

Our range also includes UV protection fishing hats, such as our logo trucker hats, which are also available in Shadow Camo and Glacier styles. Made with a quick-drying technical fabric, these hats offer 50+ UV protection and are the ideal accessory for hot days on or beside the water.

Our range also includes items such as gaiters, which are worn around the neck and offer an extra layer of fishing UV face protection. Again available in Shadow Camo and Glacier styles, these gaiters have a water and stain repellent design, and are created with comfort in mind. They are a great way to keep water and bugs off your skin while fishing, as well as protecting your neck and shoulders from the sun’s glare.

Our range also includes high-quality sunglasses which are perfect for fishing, as well as caps such as our race cap and marine cap. These items are another excellent way to protect against UV rays, with 50+ UV protection built in.

Browse through the full selection of UV protection accessories for fishing available at Gill today and find yourself the perfect purchase.